Improve the function of broken teeth and enhance the natural beauty of your smile with crowns!

  • Instantly straight and perfect, white teeth
  • Short treatment period
  • Restores tooth form and function
  • Durable
  • Custom designed

Additional Information

Over time, our teeth may break down and crack causing our smile to lose its pristine appearance. Crowns are used to restore form and function to atrophied teeth. Crowns not only give protection and full function to your broken teeth, but also provide significant aesthetic value. Crowns are built around the remaining healthy structure and completely encircle your tooth.


How long will my crowns last?

Typically, your crown should last between 20-25 years without wearing down or losing colour.

Should I worry about my crown coming loose depending on what I eat?

Once your crown has been properly bonded, you will be able to whatever you desire!

Will my insurance cover the cost of the treatment?

The majority of insurance companies cover most of our treatments. For more detail on your coverage please call your service provider.