About Us

At Ladner Civic Dental we’re all about you! We always focus on gentle care and quality work. As for insurance, we accept all major and most other Canadian insurance companies.

 About Us

Ladner Civic Dental Centre has been providing families with excellent and comfortable dental care for over 23 years. Our highly trained, extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff strives to provide the greatest level of patient care in a calm environment.

At Ladner Civic Dental Centre, we realize that there are many people who fear the dentist or dislike visiting the dental office. However, through building personal relationships, communicating what to expect at each appointment and the power of laughter, we find that we are alleviating a lot of those anxieties.

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We warmly welcome new patients to our office and do our best to schedule emergency appointments within 24 hours of your call. Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions or to book an appointment!